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Marco Capellini

Marco Capellini and Spanky


How did you come up with the idea of ‘Spanky’?

Spanky was born from the will of creating a nice, fun product that could be used in many different spaces with a variety of functions.

On one side, we wanted to create a ‘Jolly’ object, a very flexible piece that could adapt to every single space. 
On the other hand, we wanted to make it dynamic so that it would give fluidity and movement to the place it was set on.

The idea, therefore, was to create a game of sorts using cardboard in order to develop a product that didn’t fit in with a trend but that could become timeless.

Why cardboard?

I like the idea of ‘three-dimensionality’  cardboard creates. I also like the possibility of customisation regarding shape, depth and colour, which is also Kubedesign’s main approach to design.

The nature of cardboard gives it (Spanky) something special, something particular: it donates life. It has an identity with it’s visible edges and this is what transforms it into a piece of furniture design rather than a gadget.

Lastly, if the Spanky were to be thrown out (I hope not!) it would go straight into the paper recycling basket without creating any excess waste.

What does the future hold for ‘Spanky’?

Like people, who have many different personalities or identities, we want to give him (Spanky) an identity as well by changing it’s ‘outfit’.

Cardboard is the one material that allows itself to be ‘dressed’ and we chose to take advantage of this possibility and dress it up a bit, sort of like us humans.

Creating a new identity lets us hi-light, through Spanky, different contexts rather than having it remain neutral.

The idea is to reflect the user’s preferences wether it be at home, in the office or on a store.