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HOMI 2014

HOMI 2014

Kubedesign at HOMI 2014 with a cardboard Half-pipe


The aim is always the same, to surprise you with our creativity and ability developing projects made with cardboard. Once again we are satisfied that we have caught your attention!

This stand, fitted out entirely in cardboard and that includes a reproduction of a half-pipe skateboard ramp, was built for HOMI in September 2014.
It is an example of the infinite possibilities this material can offer and acted as the stage for the presentation of our new products: the Fuor d’Acqua and Lisca magazine racks, Nessy and K-Love tables, iBonghi soft stools, the new Mayas, Bodega wine rack, Clorindo sofa and Dondolo stools.

Lots of positive feedback was received and if you are interested these are still available!

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